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Wellbeing Programme, St. Bricin’s College, Belturbet

As part of an initiative in conjunction with Bounce Back in West Cavan. Breffni Integrated were asked to run out a number of sessions focused on Wellbeing and Suicide Alertness with some of the students of St. Bricin’s College, Belturbet. The sessions took place on Wednesday evenings, and students from 1st, 2nd, 3rd and TY attended. The sessions focused on Wellbeing, building self-esteem and confidence and understanding resilience. The participants undertook an art project as part of the sessions and also looked at some tools for improving self-care. The group also took part in a session on suicide alertness which focused on What students already knew about Suicide, the Global Picture on suicide, statistics on Suicide in Ireland, Myths and Facts, Why direct and open talk is important, Suicide Alertness Programmes, Factors that increase a Teens Risk of Suicide, Warning signs that someone may be thinking about suicide, Red Flag Scenarios and what to do. A total of 15 students attended the sessions.


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