Apply For Cavan LEADER Programme Funding

Expression of Interest for LEADER funding;

Cavan Local Action Group (LAG) has been allocated an additional Transitional Programme budget of €1,307,396.00 for projects in the county.  

At the Cavan LAG monthly meeting on Thursday, 29th April, 2021 a decision was made that from this date all Expression of Interest (EOI) forms for LEADER funding submitted to Cavan County Local Development (CCLD) will be logged and accepted on a first come, first served basis.  Eligibility of each EOI will be assessed and if eligible under the Local Development Strategy/LEADER and Transitional Programme aims/priorities, they will then progress to the application stage.

The submission of a fully completed Expression of Interest Form and Data Declaration Form is the first step in applying for LEADER Funding, it will then be reviewed to determine if your project is eligible for funding and if you can advance to the next stage of the Application Process. 

Please read County Cavan LEADER Local Development Strategy 2016 Extract which provides project ideas that may be eligible for funding and the 'Transitional LEADER Programme' which summarises this programmes aims/priorities. 

These documents may also be of assistance when completing your expression of interest form.

Cavan LEADER Rural Development Programme (RDP) 2014-2022


Cavan Local Development Strategy (LDS): main themes and sub-themes

Theme 1: Economic Development, Enterprise Development & Job Creation

Local rural tourism

Development of outdoor and indoor recreation and leisure tourism. Heritage site preservation/renovation and events with a tourism/cultural/heritage focus. Specialised tourism initiatives. Development of new and existing angling facilities. 


Following a decision at the Cavan LAG/LCDC committee meeting on 29th July 2021, under the Rural Tourism Objective Strategic Action 1.1.5:   Support for sustainable tourism accommodation units & facilities, is now open to applicants. This tourism accommodation call is open on a rolling basis (subject to available funds) under the following criteria;

  • For current self-catering tourism accommodation providers who wish to upgrade their properties in line with improving the standard/quality of their offering*.

    • i.e. facilities for walkers, water-users, drying rooms, bike storage etc.

    • enhancement of interiors – modernisation of interiors to meet the needs of more discerning customer

  • For renovation of old dwellings/farm buildings into self-catering tourism accommodation*.

    • There has to be something unique or special built into the proposal, in terms of the location, standard, facilities. Any new accommodations being developed must should have a Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

    • For renovation of old dwellings/farm buildings into self-catering tourism accommodation*.


Applications for alternative tourism accommodation applications have remained open (glamping, hostels, campsites or other).

* not open for bed and breakfast accommodation or new build proposals on greenfield sites.

Enterprise and entrepreneurs

  • Support for start up or existing enterprise.

  • Enterprise Space for Business Development.

  • Training initiatives for enterprise.

Sustainable renewal of rural towns

  • Enhancement and sustainable renewal of towns.

  • Training needs for communities specific to rural towns.

  • Development support for recreational facilities and purchase of equipment.

  • Development & promotion of unique social events, festivals & activities in rural towns.

Access to ICT and high speed connectivity for rural areas

  • Support for access to reliable and high speed broadband and training programmes in ICT.

Theme 2: Social Inclusion

Basic services to meet community needs

  • Construction & upgrading of new and existing sporting & recreational facilities by community-based organisations (excluding general use community facilities - Targeted call).

  • Training initiatives for hard to reach communities, transport, access and rural services.

Rural Youth

  • Community youth sports & recreation facilities (excluding the purchase of new equipment - Targeted call).

  • Youth specific training and youth development initiatives.

Theme 3: Rural Environment

Local water sources

Rainwater harvesting, water source protection and training in water resource conservation and protection.

Local biodiversity

Biodiversity projects, protection and enhancement of natural habitats and biodiversity training projects.

Sustainable energy

Renewable energy projects, training in energy awareness and alternative energy methods.

If you have a project idea which you think may be eligible for LEADER funding, contact: 

Cavan County Local Development, Unit 6A Corlurgan Business Park, Ballinagh Road, Cavan H12DP86, Email: phone 049 433 1029 (extension 3), or download a Leader Expression of Interest Form. 

NOTE: Maximum levels of funding: 50% for Private Projects and 75% for Community Projects.

Potential projects covered by the targeted call process as indicated above are not eligible at this time.