About The Cavan LEADER Programme

LEADER promotes sustainable development in Europe’s rural areas addressing economic, social and environmental concerns. LEADER was designed to aid the development of sustainable rural communities following the reforms of the Common Agricultural Policy.



Cavan Local Community Development Committee (LCDC) has responsibility for the delivery of LEADER 2014-2020 throughout the county.  The key implementation partner is Cavan County Local Development (CCLD). During the period of the programme, LEADER funding will be invested in qualifying innovative community and private enterprise projects in County Cavan.


€8,522,285.84 has been allocated to County Cavan for LEADER 2014-2020.

Cavan LDS Vision, Objectives & Strategic Actions


To develop sustainable rural communities throughout County Cavan through the Vision: provision of o programme that will enhance the social, natural, human, physical and financial resources available to individuals and communities and thereby make Cavan 2020 a place that we can be proud of a place where people can have a good quality of life; a better place to live, work and to enjoy.​

Rates of Grant Aid

  • Rates of aid for commercial type projects is up to 50% of the total cost of the project to a maximum of €200k.

  • Rates of aid for community type projects is up to 75% of the total cost of the project to a maximum of €200k (under the sub-theme Basic Services for hard to reach communities a community rate of up to 90% may be available).

  • Analysis and Development rates of aid are up to 75% of the total cost of the project for Private and 90% of the total cost for Community to a maximum of €30k in both cases.

  • Rates of aid for Training for private and community projects is up to 100% to a maximum of €200k.​


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