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National Social Enterprise Policy for Ireland 2019-2022

Breffni Integrated CLG welcome the National Social Enterprise Policy for Ireland launched recently by The Dept. of Rural and Community Development. This is the first Government Policy for Social Enterprise in the history of the State.

Ireland is highly reliant on Social Enterprise which has the potential to create many more services and jobs. According to a 2013 Forfás report, Ireland’s social enterprise sector supports over 25,000 jobs but has the potential to create at least a further 65,000.

This policy provides a framework to support social enterprises to grow in scale, support jobs, and make a positive impact on individuals and communities in both rural and urban areas.

A survey of social enterprises in Cavan carried out by Breffni Integrated CLG generated responses from 150 organisations ranging from Charity Shops, Community Childcare Facilities, Development Associations and Tourism projects.

The Policy is focused on three key Objectives:

1. Building Awareness of Social Enterprise;

2. Growing and Strengthening Social Enterprise

3. Achieving Better Policy Alignment.

It sets out a series of commitments on the part of Government to support the development of social enterprise over the period 2019-2022. These measures will be delivered in partnership with social enterprise stakeholders and Breffni Integrated are committed to leading the advancement of the sector in Cavan.


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